Mya-Bay Bangle Armband in Rosegold - Rani

Produktinformationen "Mya-Bay Bangle Armband in Rosegold - Rani"

Mya-Bay Bangle Armband in Rosegold - Rani

Material: Messing vergoldet mit feinen Rosegold 

Durchmesser: 5.80 cm

Das Armband ist verstellbar (3 Größen)

For the RANI bangle, Sophie has designed a line of beading cut from ribbings.

The drawing of this bangle with its 3-closure system was crafted by Sophie in 2012 and is part of the brand's DNA that seduced more than one.

MYA BAY tips: its 3-closures system allows to have an adjustable bracelet, perfect for gifts because it adapts to all wrists. It is easy to close, no need for a lover.

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